About iClix

Wikipedia says Photography is the science, art and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

Iclix, being backed by an agency known to work towards enhancing value of the brands associated with it, would like to define photography as a trick, a technique or a process of capturing products, moods and infrastructure in such a way that they come alive. Iclix is here for bringing out the best your brand, your products, your garments, jewelry, toys, your office buildings, factories, or anything under the sun. You name it and we click it for you.

We ensure that the pictures we produce talk to your clients and entice them.

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Creative Ideas

At iClix Studio, our years of experience lets us suggest innovative ideas for showcasing your products which would definitely help you add value.

Featured Services

We provide all kinds of support & specialized services in the photography field and don't charge you for the years of experience we boast of.

Pro Portfolio

Our diversified portfolio helps us take care of all your different requirements and hand over a job well done and appreciable which truly serves your purpose.

Global Solutions

We make sure that we provide you with deliverables that match the global quality levels each time, every time.

Best Prices

We boast of best photography services at competitive pricing and make sure you get the best shots each time.

Professional Researches

Our expert photographers take pains in understanding your exact requirements which would suit your brand image. Extensive research goes into completion of every job we deliver.

Model Shoot

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Product Photography

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E-commerce Photography

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Our Work Team

"The finest equipment with the latest advances in photography are part of our impressive roster of services. The aperture opens with focus on digital rendering , with emphasis on the fastest shutter bugs going! Videography, stills, table tops and presentations increase the visual impact of every concept, emphasize the rendering of accurate and true to life photographs. All for a realism which is impressive and convincing."

My son is always very quiet and shy in strange surroundings, but your photographer did something we really didn’t expect – he drove all the way out to our home and photographed my son in his own natural environment. We’re so thrilled with the finished results!
" Poonam

The team at iClix is quite professional and we are happy that we got our apparel range shot from them
"Ravikant, PO, RG Trading

iClix Studio was an absolute pleasure to deal with! We really didn’t expect such volumes at such short turnaround time but they did it and did it with a smile.
"Bhupesh, Ask Me

We have been blown away by how gorgeous the photos of our son’s birthday shoot have come out and we wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job.
"Rashmi, Rohini

Amit has an amazing group of people working with him – giving him the support he needs to allow him to give us some amazing video clippings for the promotion of our business. I would surely recommend his work to my known
"Brijesh Tyagi